> 2014
  • Steven Mackey’s ‘Dreamhouse’ with New York Philharmonic at the Lincoln Centre, New York.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio feat Bert Joris tour in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Young Vip Tour with Floris van de Vlugt Windkracht 7.
  • Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Penenlope with Residence Orchestra and Shara Worden.
  • Cd recording and release with Batik (Wolfert Brederode and Ed Verhoeff).
  • Concerts with Katharina Thomsen Max Sax, Marzio Scholten Identikit and Oene van Geel.
  • Both Windkracht 7 and Batik receive an Edison (Dutch Grammy) nomination.
  • Tour and cd recording with Marzio Scholten Identikit.
  • Organization of the John Engels 80th birthday tour. 30 concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium with many different groups and artists such as Benny Golson, Benjamin Herman, Theo Loevendie, Louis van Dijk, Ruud Breuls, Rob van Bavel and many others…
> 2013
  • Monthly concert series with Theo Loevendie in Café Welling, Amsterdam
  • Many concerts with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet and Wired Paradise in the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Colombia, India…
  • CD release party in New York with Big Farm (feat. Grammy Award winners Steve Mackey & Rinde Eckert)
  • Premiere of Katibu di Shon – Opera by Randal Corsen together with Tania Kross and Matangi Quartet.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio CD release ‘No Black Tie’ at the North Sea Jazz club. Many concerts follow.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio feat. Wolter Wierbos plays at the Zomer Jazz Fietstour.
  • Boy Edgar Price Ceremony with Oene van Geel at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • Sziget 2013 met Jam de la Crème.
> 2012
  • Jazz Impulse Tour with Barnicle Bill Trio & Rob van Kreeveld
  • Over 30 concerts with Barnicle Bill Trio in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Boy Edgar Price Tour with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet.
  • National television appearances with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet and Wired Paradise.
  • Many concerts with Yuri Honing Wired Paradise in the Netherlands, Germany, South America, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and Hong Kong.
  • Jam de la Crème (Band members of Anouk, Direct, Kyteman and many others) in Sziget, Hungary.
  • Concert with Asko Schönberg. Klas Torstensson Urban Songs.
  • Asia Tour and live cd recording in Kuala Lumpur with Barnicle Bill Trio.
  • Co-programmer Amsterdam Electric Guitar Festival.
  • New years eve concert with Slobodan Trkulja Balkanopolis in Novisad, Serbia.
  • CD recording and release of ‘Hotel Terminus’ with Erik Bosgraaf en Yuri Honing.
> 2011
  • Yuri Honing Wired Paradise Jazz concerts in European festivals in Zagreb, Bergen, Munich, Sibiu, Sarajevo. Panang Jazz Festival Malaysia, Yokohama Jazz Promenade, Japan and Riff Festival, India.
  • Dutch club tour with Wired Paradise at Bimhuis, Paradox, De Gigant…
  • Yuri Honing Trio and Acoustic Quartet concerts in Quito, Equador and The Netherlands.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio club concerts in the Netherlands.
  • CD presentation tour with T-Unit 4 Tom Van Dyck in Belgian clubs.
  • Establishment and first concerts with Batik, new group with Wolfert Brederode, Ed Verhoeff and Joost Lijbaart.
  • Steven Mackey’s “Dreamhouse” in collaboration with BBC Philharmonic and Catch Electric Guitar Quartet
  • ‘Dazed’ by Giel Vleggaar at November Music with Vocal Lab.
  • Dutch Premiere of Steve Reich’s 2×5 with Luna Park in the Oosterpoort, Groningen
  • Muziekgebouw with Erik Bosgraaf and Wired Paradise. Variations on Bach.
  • Jarasum Jazz Festival with Agog. Club concerts in Korea and China.
  • Winterreisse 5 with Yuri Honing, Torre Florim (De Staat) etc.
> 2010
  • Release & Yuri Honing Wired Paradise – White Tiger. Live recording of 2009 world tour.
  • Agog tour in China. World Expo Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.
  • John Engels’ 75th birthday Tour with Barnicle Bill Trio, (eg Bimhuis, North Sea Jazz, The Hague Jazz, Jazz Tone VPRO, Paradox …)
  • Drum Affairs with Simon Phillips. 15 concerts and DVD recording in the Netherlands and Spain.
  • Recording with Big Farm in Avatar Studios, NYC. Concerts in New York and Manchester.
  • Wired Paradise plays alongside the many festivals and clubs in the Netherlands, Korea, Macedonia, Germany and Cork.
  • World Music Series. Siren Songs by Sandro Fazio, Martin Verdonk and Matilde Politi.
> 2009
  • Concerten met Oxymore Quintet (Tilburg, Leiden en Den Bosch)
  • Yuri Honing – Wired Paradise White Tiger Tournee (Concerten in Banaglore, Pune, Mumbai, Nederlandse Antillen, Suriname, Wenen, Vilnius, Athene, Siros en Duitsland)
  • Diverse concerten met Wired Paradise in Nederland (The Hague Jazz, Bimhuis, Paradox etc.)
  • Tournee in India met AGOG (Bangalore, Jaipur, New Delhi en Mumbai)
  • Diverse Concerten met Tom van Dyck (Tunit4 en Tunit 7) in België
  • Project met het Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest o.l.v. Mariss Jansons in Amsterdam en Berlijn
  • Project met Radio Kamer Philharmonie in Amsterdam.
  • Hoketus van Louis Andriesen met het Yves Ensemble
  • Concerten met Yuri Honing Phase Five in DWDD, Bimhuis en North Sea Jazz Festival. (o.a. Sarah Bettens, Leine, David Pino, Janne Schra en Lilian Vierra)
  • Oprichting Barnicle Bill Trio met John Engels en Miguel Martinez (Diverse concerten in Nederland)
  • Winterreisse in Paradiso, Amsterdam met Yuri Honing en Ellen ten Damme
  • Overige concerten o.a. met Frans Heemskerk’s Gameplay, New Generation Big Band, Lavalu en Agog.
> 2008
  • Jazzlab tour in Belgium (12 concerts with T-unit7)
  • Release of the 3rd Agog cd “Some Frump Punk”. Cd presentation concerts
  • Agog tour in India
  • USA Tour with Catch Electric Guitar Quartet.
  • Presentation of Big Farm in NYC (new group led by Steven Mackey and Rinde Eckert)
  • Oxymore Quintet cd presentation at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • Several concerts with FF5, Xam Xam, Voer, Gameplay, Blink Too, Amsterdam Percussion Goup, Lavalu, New Generation Big Band….
  • Concerts with the North Netherlands Orchestra and the Asko
  • Schönberg Ensemble
  • Oxymore Quintet plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival
  • Bassplayer New Generation Big Band (concerts and cd recording)
  • Bassplayer Yuri Honing – Wired Paradise
> 2007
  • Concerts and recording with Full Fathom Five, a project from Tobias Klein.
  • Artist in Residence at the Princeton University with the Guitar Quartet ‘Catch’.
  • Concert and cd Recording ‘Dreamhouse’ by Steven Macky in New York.
  • Concerts with Amsterdam Percussion Group, Xam Xam, T-unit 7, Agog, Voer…
  • Voer plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Soloist with the ‘Nieuw Ensemble’ in Giel Vleggaar’s Atomic UFO
  • saves the day (again), at November Music 2007.
  • Royal Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam with Gideon Cremer and Mariss Jansons. Performances in Brussels and Amsterdam
> 2006
  • ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’ with Terry Bozzio. 20 concerts in the Netherlands.
  • Founded ‘Oxymore Quintet (Oene van Geel, Harmen Fraanje, Chander Sardjoe en Guillaume Orti. Cd recording and concerts
  • Concerts with ‘Blink Too’ (Mete Erker, Hans van Oosterhout and Wiboud Burkens) Concerts in Israel, Cyprus and the Netherlands.
  • Monthly concerts in Brussels with ‘T-unit7’, the new septet founded by Tom van Dyck..
  • Concerts in Tunisia with Nabil Khemir.
  • ‘Voer’ plays at the ‘Dutch Jazz Meeting’ in Amsterdam.
  • Several concerts with Agog, Voer, Xam Xam, Turkemstances, Tetzepi…
> 2005
  • ‘Agog plays Radiohead’ tour in the Dutch club circuit.
  • Cd recording ‘Bite’ (EWM75353) with ‘Voer’, a new group led by singer Vera van der Poel.
  • ‘Tabarka Jazz Festival’ with guitarist and lute player Nabil Khemir.
  • North Sea Jazz festival with ‘Pavlov plays Jazz’. With John Engels and Jasper Blom.
  • Several Concerts with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’ in Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Tour with ‘Osmosis’ in the Netherlands and Belgium.
> 2004
  • Scholarship from the ‘Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds’ to study in Pune, India with Rudraveena master Pt. Hindraj Divekar.
  • Tour in India with ‘Osmosis’. A new group with Guillaume Orti, Oene van Geel, Jozef Dumoulin, Afra Mussawisade and Indian percussionist B.C. Manjunath.
  • Jazzlab tour with Odds On in Belgium.
  • Dutch Tour and cd release ‘Okno’ (TT-559-023) with ‘Man Bites Dog’.
  • South Germany and Switzerland tour with ‘Agog’.
  • Tour and cd presentation ‘Meltdown’ with ‘Agog meets Zapp Stringquartet’.
  • Project with the ‘Royal Dutch Opera’ and the ‘New Ensemble’ conducted by Lawrence Renes, Performing ‘Raaff’. First opera of composer Robin de Raaff at the ‘Holland Festival’.
  • ‘Drum and Bass’ with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’. Concerts in Uruguay and Europe.
  • Tour with ‘Ninsk’ in the Baltic States.
  • Osmosis plays on the ‘European TryTone Festival 2004’ at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Tour in Poland with Agog, organized by the Trytone organization in Amsterdam.
  • Teacher bassguitar and ensemble at the ‘Prince Claus Conservatory’ in Groningen.
> 2003
  • Concerts in India with Bhedam and singer T.N. Seshagopalan.
  • Rickshaw Chase Tour with ‘Bhedam’. 20 concerts including the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Concert with Mike Stern in Rotterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘Meltdown’ with ‘Agog’ and the ‘Zapp! Stringquartet’ (JIM 75202).
  • Premiere ‘Dreamhouse’ by ‘Steve Macky’ at the ‘Holland Festival’. With ‘Catch,’ Synergy Vocals’, ‘Radio Symphony Orchestra’ conducted by Gil Rose.
  • Project ‘Mosaic’ with piano player Benôit Delbecq as special guest.
  • Guest with ‘Man Bites Dog’. Concerts in Eastern Europe, Germany and the Netherlands.
> 2002
  • Tour and cd recording ‘Rickshaw Chase’ (TryTone 559-017) with ‘Bhedam’ in South India.
  • ‘Used to be A…’, a tribute to Jaco Pastorius at a sold out Melkweg, Amsterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘About Time’ (DiffRec 001) with ‘Odds On’.
  • ‘Agog’ wins the Dutch Jazz Competition with drum legend Elvin Jones as a jury member.
  • ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Agog’ perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Young Vip Tour with ‘Agog’.
> 2001
  • ‘Karnatic Lab on tour’. Concerts in New York.
  • Cd recording ‘Shortcuts to Detours’ (TryTone 559-012) with ‘Agog’.
  • Tour in Germany and the Netherlands with ‘Agog’.
  • ‘Mosaic’ is selected for the ‘Young VIP Tour’.
  • Wölfli, A journey into Chaos plays at the ‘Donau Festival’ in Vienna (AUS).
  • ‘Bhedam’ performs with the Legendary South Indian Singer Jahnavi Jayapraksh.
  • Concerts with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group and Michiel Borstlap’.
> 2000
  • Concerts in Spain with the ‘Interval Chamber’ performing a program of Dutch composers.
  • Graduation ‘Contemporary Music trough Non-Western Techniques’, a 4 year course conducted by composer Rafael Reina.
  • Bhedam opens the first Karnatic Lab Festival at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Bassplayer of the German/Dutch trio ‘Agog’.
> 1999
  • Music at the Anthology (New York). ‘The Fences Show’ with ‘TONK’ (conducted by Derek Bermel and Wiek Hijmans) Cd recording (mlsc 0002).
  • Bassplayer of the group ‘Mosaic’ led by violinist and composer Oene van Geel.
  • Wölfli, A journey into Chaos. Opera by Spanish composer Rafael Reina. Performed by the ‘Interval Chamber’ conducted by Josep Vicent. Concerts in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Bassplayer of the group ‘Odds On’ led by Belgium saxophonist Tom van Dyck.
> 1998
  •  ‘Radio Symphony Orchestra’ (Ed Spanjaard), Holland Festival.
  • 2nd price with ‘Geel’ at the ‘International Jazz Contest’ in Getxo (Esp).
  • Winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition with ‘Geel’.
  • Geel plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Founder of the Indian/Dutch Collective ‘Bhedam’. Concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium.
> 1994-1997
  • Founder of the ‘Nemesis Quartet’ (Ilja Reijngoud, Tom Beek and Chander Sardjoe)
  • Conservatorium of Amsterdam graduation concert at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘Nemesis Quartet’ (AL 73064).
  • Double Concert with ‘Aka Moon’ and ‘Nemesis Quartet’ in Brussels.
  • Nemesis Quartet wins ‘Middelsee Jazztreffen’ (Dutch Jazz Competition), many concerts follow…