> 2014
  • Steven Mackey’s ‘Dreamhouse’ with New York Philharmonic at the Lincoln Centre, New York.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio feat Bert Joris tour in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Young Vip Tour with Floris van de Vlugt Windkracht 7.
  • Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Penenlope with Residence Orchestra and Shara Worden.
  • Cd recording and release with Batik (Wolfert Brederode and Ed Verhoeff)
  • Several concerts with Katharina Thomsen Max Sax, Marzio Scholten Identikit and Oene van Geel.
> 2013
  • Monthly concert series with Theo Loevendie in Café Welling, Amsterdam
  • Many concerts with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet and Wired Paradise in the Netherlands, Turkey, Italy, Colombia, India…
  • CD release party in New York with Big Farm (feat. Grammy Award winners Steve Mackey & Rinde Eckert)
  • Premiere of Katibu di Shon – Opera by Randal Corsen together with Tania Kross and Matangi Quartet.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio CD release ‘No Black Tie’ at the North Sea Jazz club. Many concerts follow.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio feat. Wolter Wierbos plays at the Zomer Jazz Fietstour.
  • Boy Edgar Price Ceremony with Oene van Geel at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • Sziget 2013 met Jam de la Crème.
> 2012
  • Jazz Impulse Tour with Barnicle Bill Trio & Rob van Kreeveld
  • Over 30 concerts with Barnicle Bill Trio in The Netherlands and Belgium.
  • Boy Edgar Price Tour with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet.
  • National television appearances with Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet and Wired Paradise.
  • Many concerts with Yuri Honing Wired Paradise in the Netherlands, Germany, South America, Ethiopia, Eastern Europe and Hong Kong.
  • Jam de la Crème (Band members of Anouk, Direct, Kyteman and many others) in Sziget, Hungary.
  • Concert with Asko Schönberg. Klas Torstensson Urban Songs.
  • Asia Tour and live cd recording in Kuala Lumpur with Barnicle Bill Trio.
  • Co-programmer Amsterdam Electric Guitar Festival.
  • New years eve concert with Slobodan Trkulja Balkanopolis in Novisad, Serbia.
  • CD recording and release of ‘Hotel Terminus’ with Erik Bosgraaf en Yuri Honing.
> 2011
  • Yuri Honing Wired Paradise Jazz concerts in European festivals in Zagreb, Bergen, Munich, Sibiu, Sarajevo. Panang Jazz Festival Malaysia, Yokohama Jazz Promenade, Japan and Riff Festival, India.
  • Dutch club tour with Wired Paradise at Bimhuis, Paradox, De Gigant…
  • Yuri Honing Trio and Acoustic Quartet concerts in Quito, Equador and The Netherlands.
  • Barnicle Bill Trio club concerts in the Netherlands.
  • CD presentation tour with T-Unit 4 Tom Van Dyck in Belgian clubs.
  • Establishment and first concerts with Batik, new group with Wolfert Brederode, Ed Verhoeff and Joost Lijbaart.
  • Steven Mackey’s “Dreamhouse” in collaboration with BBC Philharmonic and Catch Electric Guitar Quartet
  • ‘Dazed’ by Giel Vleggaar at November Music with Vocal Lab.
  • Dutch Premiere of Steve Reich’s 2×5 with Luna Park in the Oosterpoort, Groningen
  • Muziekgebouw with Erik Bosgraaf and Wired Paradise. Variations on Bach.
  • Jarasum Jazz Festival with Agog. Club concerts in Korea and China.
  • Winterreisse 5 with Yuri Honing, Torre Florim (De Staat) etc.
> 2010
  • Release & Yuri Honing Wired Paradise – White Tiger. Live recording of 2009 world tour.
  • Agog tour in China. World Expo Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.
  • John Engels’ 75th birthday Tour with Barnicle Bill Trio, (eg Bimhuis, North Sea Jazz, The Hague Jazz, Jazz Tone VPRO, Paradox …)
  • Drum Affairs with Simon Phillips. 15 concerts and DVD recording in the Netherlands and Spain.
  • Recording with Big Farm in Avatar Studios, NYC. Concerts in New York and Manchester.
  • Wired Paradise plays alongside the many festivals and clubs in the Netherlands, Korea, Macedonia, Germany and Cork.
  • World Music Series. Siren Songs by Sandro Fazio, Martin Verdonk and Matilde Politi.
> 2009
  • Concerten met Oxymore Quintet (Tilburg, Leiden en Den Bosch)
  • Yuri Honing – Wired Paradise White Tiger Tournee (Concerten in Banaglore, Pune, Mumbai, Nederlandse Antillen, Suriname, Wenen, Vilnius, Athene, Siros en Duitsland)
  • Diverse concerten met Wired Paradise in Nederland (The Hague Jazz, Bimhuis, Paradox etc.)
  • Tournee in India met AGOG (Bangalore, Jaipur, New Delhi en Mumbai)
  • Diverse Concerten met Tom van Dyck (Tunit4 en Tunit 7) in België
  • Project met het Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest o.l.v. Mariss Jansons in Amsterdam en Berlijn
  • Project met Radio Kamer Philharmonie in Amsterdam.
  • Hoketus van Louis Andriesen met het Yves Ensemble
  • Concerten met Yuri Honing Phase Five in DWDD, Bimhuis en North Sea Jazz Festival. (o.a. Sarah Bettens, Leine, David Pino, Janne Schra en Lilian Vierra)
  • Oprichting Barnicle Bill Trio met John Engels en Miguel Martinez (Diverse concerten in Nederland)
  • Winterreisse in Paradiso, Amsterdam met Yuri Honing en Ellen ten Damme
  • Overige concerten o.a. met Frans Heemskerk’s Gameplay, New Generation Big Band, Lavalu en Agog.
> 2008
  • Jazzlab tour in Belgium (12 concerts with T-unit7)
  • Release of the 3rd Agog cd “Some Frump Punk”. Cd presentation concerts
  • Agog tour in India
  • USA Tour with Catch Electric Guitar Quartet.
  • Presentation of Big Farm in NYC (new group led by Steven Mackey and Rinde Eckert)
  • Oxymore Quintet cd presentation at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam
  • Several concerts with FF5, Xam Xam, Voer, Gameplay, Blink Too, Amsterdam Percussion Goup, Lavalu, New Generation Big Band….
  • Concerts with the North Netherlands Orchestra and the Asko
  • Schönberg Ensemble
  • Oxymore Quintet plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival
  • Bassplayer New Generation Big Band (concerts and cd recording)
  • Bassplayer Yuri Honing – Wired Paradise
> 2007
  • Concerts and recording with Full Fathom Five, a project from Tobias Klein.
  • Artist in Residence at the Princeton University with the Guitar Quartet ‘Catch’.
  • Concert and cd Recording ‘Dreamhouse’ by Steven Macky in New York.
  • Concerts with Amsterdam Percussion Group, Xam Xam, T-unit 7, Agog, Voer…
  • Voer plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Soloist with the ‘Nieuw Ensemble’ in Giel Vleggaar’s Atomic UFO
  • saves the day (again), at November Music 2007.
  • Royal Orchestra of the Concertgebouw, Amsterdam with Gideon Cremer and Mariss Jansons. Performances in Brussels and Amsterdam
> 2006
  • ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’ with Terry Bozzio. 20 concerts in the Netherlands.
  • Founded ‘Oxymore Quintet (Oene van Geel, Harmen Fraanje, Chander Sardjoe en Guillaume Orti. Cd recording and concerts
  • Concerts with ‘Blink Too’ (Mete Erker, Hans van Oosterhout and Wiboud Burkens) Concerts in Israel, Cyprus and the Netherlands.
  • Monthly concerts in Brussels with ‘T-unit7’, the new septet founded by Tom van Dyck..
  • Concerts in Tunisia with Nabil Khemir.
  • ‘Voer’ plays at the ‘Dutch Jazz Meeting’ in Amsterdam.
  • Several concerts with Agog, Voer, Xam Xam, Turkemstances, Tetzepi…
> 2005
  • ‘Agog plays Radiohead’ tour in the Dutch club circuit.
  • Cd recording ‘Bite’ (EWM75353) with ‘Voer’, a new group led by singer Vera van der Poel.
  • ‘Tabarka Jazz Festival’ with guitarist and lute player Nabil Khemir.
  • North Sea Jazz festival with ‘Pavlov plays Jazz’. With John Engels and Jasper Blom.
  • Several Concerts with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’ in Spain and the Netherlands.
  • Tour with ‘Osmosis’ in the Netherlands and Belgium.
> 2004
  • Scholarship from the ‘Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds’ to study in Pune, India with Rudraveena master Pt. Hindraj Divekar.
  • Tour in India with ‘Osmosis’. A new group with Guillaume Orti, Oene van Geel, Jozef Dumoulin, Afra Mussawisade and Indian percussionist B.C. Manjunath.
  • Jazzlab tour with Odds On in Belgium.
  • Dutch Tour and cd release ‘Okno’ (TT-559-023) with ‘Man Bites Dog’.
  • South Germany and Switzerland tour with ‘Agog’.
  • Tour and cd presentation ‘Meltdown’ with ‘Agog meets Zapp Stringquartet’.
  • Project with the ‘Royal Dutch Opera’ and the ‘New Ensemble’ conducted by Lawrence Renes, Performing ‘Raaff’. First opera of composer Robin de Raaff at the ‘Holland Festival’.
  • ‘Drum and Bass’ with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group’. Concerts in Uruguay and Europe.
  • Tour with ‘Ninsk’ in the Baltic States.
  • Osmosis plays on the ‘European TryTone Festival 2004’ at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Tour in Poland with Agog, organized by the Trytone organization in Amsterdam.
  • Teacher bassguitar and ensemble at the ‘Prince Claus Conservatory’ in Groningen.
> 2003
  • Concerts in India with Bhedam and singer T.N. Seshagopalan.
  • Rickshaw Chase Tour with ‘Bhedam’. 20 concerts including the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Concert with Mike Stern in Rotterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘Meltdown’ with ‘Agog’ and the ‘Zapp! Stringquartet’ (JIM 75202).
  • Premiere ‘Dreamhouse’ by ‘Steve Macky’ at the ‘Holland Festival’. With ‘Catch,’ Synergy Vocals’, ‘Radio Symphony Orchestra’ conducted by Gil Rose.
  • Project ‘Mosaic’ with piano player Benôit Delbecq as special guest.
  • Guest with ‘Man Bites Dog’. Concerts in Eastern Europe, Germany and the Netherlands.
> 2002
  • Tour and cd recording ‘Rickshaw Chase’ (TryTone 559-017) with ‘Bhedam’ in South India.
  • ‘Used to be A…’, a tribute to Jaco Pastorius at a sold out Melkweg, Amsterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘About Time’ (DiffRec 001) with ‘Odds On’.
  • ‘Agog’ wins the Dutch Jazz Competition with drum legend Elvin Jones as a jury member.
  • ‘Mosaic’ and ‘Agog’ perform at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Young Vip Tour with ‘Agog’.
> 2001
  • ‘Karnatic Lab on tour’. Concerts in New York.
  • Cd recording ‘Shortcuts to Detours’ (TryTone 559-012) with ‘Agog’.
  • Tour in Germany and the Netherlands with ‘Agog’.
  • ‘Mosaic’ is selected for the ‘Young VIP Tour’.
  • Wölfli, A journey into Chaos plays at the ‘Donau Festival’ in Vienna (AUS).
  • ‘Bhedam’ performs with the Legendary South Indian Singer Jahnavi Jayapraksh.
  • Concerts with the ‘Amsterdam Percussion Group and Michiel Borstlap’.
> 2000
  • Concerts in Spain with the ‘Interval Chamber’ performing a program of Dutch composers.
  • Graduation ‘Contemporary Music trough Non-Western Techniques’, a 4 year course conducted by composer Rafael Reina.
  • Bhedam opens the first Karnatic Lab Festival at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Bassplayer of the German/Dutch trio ‘Agog’.
> 1999
  • Music at the Anthology (New York). ‘The Fences Show’ with ‘TONK’ (conducted by Derek Bermel and Wiek Hijmans) Cd recording (mlsc 0002).
  • Bassplayer of the group ‘Mosaic’ led by violinist and composer Oene van Geel.
  • Wölfli, A journey into Chaos. Opera by Spanish composer Rafael Reina. Performed by the ‘Interval Chamber’ conducted by Josep Vicent. Concerts in Germany and the Netherlands.
  • Bassplayer of the group ‘Odds On’ led by Belgium saxophonist Tom van Dyck.
> 1998
  •  ‘Radio Symphony Orchestra’ (Ed Spanjaard), Holland Festival.
  • 2nd price with ‘Geel’ at the ‘International Jazz Contest’ in Getxo (Esp).
  • Winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition with ‘Geel’.
  • Geel plays at the North Sea Jazz Festival.
  • Founder of the Indian/Dutch Collective ‘Bhedam’. Concerts in the Netherlands and Belgium.
> 1994-1997
  • Founder of the ‘Nemesis Quartet’ (Ilja Reijngoud, Tom Beek and Chander Sardjoe)
  • Conservatorium of Amsterdam graduation concert at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam.
  • Cd recording ‘Nemesis Quartet’ (AL 73064).
  • Double Concert with ‘Aka Moon’ and ‘Nemesis Quartet’ in Brussels.
  • Nemesis Quartet wins ‘Middelsee Jazztreffen’ (Dutch Jazz Competition), many concerts follow…